Overview of the Evaluation Process


Please consult the powerpoint slides shown below to understand how the user group project proposals will be evaluated and how the available Transnational Access will be awarded.


Approval for access depends on the access days available at each facility during each round of evaluation. Please consult the table here to see how much access is available at each evaluation deadline. Successful UGs will sign a contract agreement with the TA facility, defining the testing programme, the test specimen(s), the testing campaign duration and the consequent access days, the foreseen test setup and instrumentation, logistics, schedule, etc. The contract defines the rights and obligations of the TA facility and of the users, including provisions for early termination.


Dissemination of the outcomes of the research is mandatory for the users, first through public research reports and then in journal or conference papers, all in collaboration and coordination with the TA facility staff to ensure a joint collaboration.



Scoring Criteria


Below are the scoring criteria that will be used by the TA-SEP in their evaluation.


Criterion Points
TA-SEP Scoring
Quality of User Group 5
Relevance to ERIES Research Areas 10
Relevance to ERIES Research Goals 10
Originality of Research Proposal 15
Advancement of Frontier Knowledge 15
Justification with Respect to State-of-Art 5
Importance for European Development 7
Synergies with other TA Activities 3
Past Experience in TA Activities 3
Research Infrastructure Scoring
Cost and Financial Feasibility Yes/No
Technical Feasibility Yes/No
Importance and Relevance to own Scientific Interest 10
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